Week 10 Discussion 9

Last night a Tornado blew through Dexter, MI. People lost homes, local devastation hit a small town.

Using what you have learned in class write a possible response that could be used to update the public.

No duplicates -you can take the point of view of:

Local politician – such as the Mayor’s office

FEMA or Red Cross

Animal Shelters

Farm Associations

Sheriff’s office

Business Council

Only one: Washtenaw, Monroe or Lapeer county official

Michigan State Health System




10 thoughts on “Week 10 Discussion 9


    The city of Dexter is very lucky. With 100 homes damaged and 13 homes destoryed, we’re fortunate to say that there were no deaths or serious injuries resulting from the twister that touched down yesterday evening. Over 5,000 residents are still without power but DTE is doing there best to restore it. I’m proud to say that our community is coming together to help those in need. Even though the schools are temporarily closed, the Red Cross and Salvation Army will be at Mill Creek Middle School, located at 7305 Dexter Ann Arbor Road, today to help those in need. We as a community will stick together and continue to restory the damage that has been done.

  2. I choose the Farmers Association; I am sure there are questions about what assistance is available for people who had crops, livestock or buildings lost to the tornadoes. There are several government programs that are available to help if this continues throughout the month of April. Damage to farms is major because power outages can affect the agricultural systems or routine maintenance. This also causes uproot to the plowing, garening and silos. I really hope these tornadoes will be over soon so they do not cause any more damage.

  3. I chose American Red Cross!

    As you may know, The American Red Cross helps prepare communities for emergencies and keep people safe every day. However, through the hands of great people (including volunteers, donators, and other assistance) Red cross is able to help when need is ready for assistance. After thursday when the tornado hit Dexter, Mi. we have been quickly making transitions in a urgent matter to get Dexter back to normal. Loads of people are volunteering at our official shelter for victims at Mill Creek Middle School at 7305 Dexter Ann Arbor Road. There will be shelters across Washtenaw and Lenawee county to serve storm victims until no further assistance is needed. We are continuing to accept financial contributions to help Dexter, Mi. be successful in getting things back to normal in its town. However, we are not accepting donations of food or clothing at our shelters.

  4. I chose Animal Shelters (big surprise, eh? 😉 ).

    Thursday’s tornado outbreak has negatively effected both humans and animals in Southeastern Michigan. Homes and lives were destroyed from the tornados and flooding. Thankfully, no humans were killed or injured. Unfortunately, though, there have been reports of pets who have been lost and killed. To help pet owners in this time of need, the Heaven on Earth Animal Shelter is changing their hours of operation from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. to 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., Friday through Sunday, to help local pet owners who have been effected by the storm. Tomorrow, Friday, March 16, we will be offering free medical treatment to pets that were injured during the storm. The shelter is also offering free bags of cat and dog food to pet owners who live in the storm-hit areas. We want pet parents, who were effected by these storms, to know that their pets’ needs will be provided for while they are working towards getting their lives back to normal. Anyone needing assistance should give us a call at (765) 543-9090 or stop by our shelter on Dexter St. in Dexter, Mich. Please note that pet parents who would like to receive help, need to provide proof of residency in the storm-hit areas to receive services pro bono.

  5. Business Council

    Monday, March 12th a tornado touched down in Dexter Michigan, destroying several homes, and several businesses. Halting the constant progress that we strive for as a city. With the current damages, several business will remain under construction for weeks to come. Our duty as the business council is to make sure this process of rebuilding, not oly the city, but to rebuild the progressive mindstate we held towards our city’s business, small and big alike. Our duty for the upcoming weeks is to rebuild the damaged businesses, while attempting to gather support to help rebuild the the damage done to the homes of the unfortunate family members, who were victoms of the tornado’s distruction.

    We’re currently looking to stop the damaged results, such as gas leeks around the city, all while cleaning up the damage of the city. All that we ask from the city is to remain patiant, as we’re all attempting to recover from such a crisis. No one from the council expected for such a damage, yet we’ll all get through this process, quickly and together. For any further information, contact us at 734-434-4215

  6. I’ll do Washtenaw County Official.

    On Thursday, a tornado ripped through the town of Dexter, damaging many homes and businesses. Firstly, I would like to announce that amazingly, no one was killed and there have also been no reports of any serious injuries. Although we can’t stop the devastating power of mother nature, we can be prepared for her wrath and alert residents when danger is imminent. I would like to acknowledge the National Weather Service and local media outlets for identifying the tornado as it was developing. This quick notification to the public allowed residents to take cover and inevitably saved lives. Secondly, I would like to acknowledge emergency responders for their quick action and their work to contain the effected areas of Dexter.
    We are continuing to block access to the damaged areas of Dexter to non-residents as a safety measure. Although residents are being allowed back to their homes, many of the damaged structures remain unsafe and need to be professionally assessed before residents can begin to rebuild. We are asking residents that have significant property damage to call the disaster helpline at 1-800-354-6154.

    Sam Plymale

    • Hi Sam!
      I really like how you addressed the crisis in chronological order. The information was written smoothly and thus, can be easily read (which is very important for whoever is the spokesperson for the organization)! Good job! 🙂

  7. I chose the Michigan Health System!

    Last night, southeast Michigan was devastated by a F-3 tornado. Over 100 homes were damaged and 13 homes were destroyed. No deaths or serious injuries have been reported. Fortunately, none of the local hospitals suffered damage from the tornado, which prevented any interruption of patient care. To ensure that all inpatients were protected during the tornado; all health facilities in the effected areas followed the proper emergency procedures put in place by the state of Michigan’s health system. Patients were moved into hallways away from windows, windows and blinds were shut, and patients were covered with blankets for possible debris. All patients have since been moved back to their respective rooms. Today, following last night’s tornado, our doors have reopened with our normal hours for those who may be seeking medical attention.

    Any families seeking information about an admitted loved one can call one of the respective hospital help lines below:

    Dexter Health Center: 734-426-2796
    C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital: 734-936-6641
    Von Voigtlander Women’s Hospital: 734-936-4000
    Cardiovascular Center: 734-936-4000

    – Cherese

  8. The Mayors Office.

    On Thursday March 15th our city was hit by a catastrophic tornado that damaged over 200 homes and completely demolished about 20 homes. The category F3 storm unleashed winds of 135 mph and stuck around for a full half-hour. Fortunately there were no reported deaths or serious injuries. We are making momentous efforts to clean up and have had enormous amounts of volunteers who have dedicated their time and money to help restore Dexter back to the city it once was. The American Red Cross and Fema have also been a big help in our recovery efforts. The city has taken a hit but the people of Dexter are high in spirit and have come together to make this process of restoration a collective effort. Things can only get better from here and we have used this experience to draw our community closer and better than before.


    • Hi Kyle!

      I like the overall tone of your response. It has a positve vibe to it that is encouraging and is important during a time such as this in Dexter. It really sounds like something a mayor would say! Good job! 🙂

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