Kim Kardashian’s 72 day marriage to Kris Humphries: Special Event PR tactic or really Irreconcilable differences??

Celebrity icon Kim Kardashian’s marriage to New Jersey Nets basketball player Kris Humphries ended after only 72 days of marriage.  The couple married on August 20, 2011 and Kardashian filed for divorce October 31st. Is this a brilliant  PR tactic to increase personal revenue and E!’s television ratings or simply a marriage that took a turn for the worst?

E! network put out a statement claiming that that the rumors of the wedding and marriage being a publicity stunt by the network “completely false” although the first episode of the Kardashian-Humphries wedding scored the highest rating on E! network in history! Sounds questionable to me!  Kardashian announced the divorce on her blog via her website (

Kim became a trending topic on twitter #ThingsLongerThanKimsMarriage and became the center of mockery with all the allegations of her planned divorce.

Kim Kardashian replied to all the buzz about the rumors of allegedly marrying solely for the media  profit, “First and foremost, I married for love. I can’t believe I even have to defend this. I would not have spent so much time on something just for a tv show.” and that her “intuition” led her to end the marriage.

This makes me begin to question isn’t time money?  The Kardashian and Humphries wedding cost an estimated $10 million and wedding profit estimated at $18 million. According to our Think Public Relations book it says that PR professionals rely on a toolbox full of best known tactics including special events. Pure Brilliance right?



19 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian’s 72 day marriage to Kris Humphries: Special Event PR tactic or really Irreconcilable differences??

  1. I feel like this could very well be a PR stunt for E! but it could also be one of many hollywood weddings blown out of proportion maybe they were never happy and just felt pressure to jump the gun and get married!

  2. @acounterman that could very well be true, but I also believe that it was planned because although they may have been pressured they also knew the kind of money this event and marriage entirely could bring in. As we discussed early in the semester the Kardashians are brilliant in general when it comes to making money and using their social life as a means of entertainment.

    @Gina this was a PR stunt because in the book it talked about how special events were a means of getting that publicity that the PR person is trying to attain. It’s all about making that sale and pitching it out to that targeted audience and Kim Kardashian’s social life has had our undivided attention since her sex tape. We crave to know the details of her life and this wedding and divorce has already made her $18 million alone, so why not ditch the new groom to find another and make another $18 million?

  3. I had this conversation with several people. Those of which have very little understanding of PR but still dubbed the marriage as a publicity stunt. Now, we have to understand that of course its in her best interest to deny all allegations. She doesn’t want a bad reputation from this but honestly why should she care at this point. Her career sparked from a sex tape. I’m sure she’s used to the criticism and the ridicule so why not make a few mistakes, and make big bucks in the long run. I think it was all for money which is very unfortunate but business savvy at the same time. I’m sure many people have a love – hate relationship for Kim. Her success is something to be applauded. The issue really is her tactics are often quite tasteless and in turn makes her public image so undesirable. Although she has this tarnished image it doesn’t seem to stop her at all. I guess you wouldn’t care too much about what people think when you can afford a $10 million wedding.

  4. It could very well be a brilliant PR move. As Professor Luttrell mentioned in class, Kris Jenner (Kim’s mom) is a very savvy business woman, implying the possibility the rumors are true. There are also rumors that they went ahead with the wedding for the sake of making more money, showcasing products, brands, and designers. Kris Jenner has gone public and denied that Kim has made any money from the wedding.

    If this is the case, could it be considered an insult to the sanctity of marriage? Or is it just a pre-planned, clever PR stunt to increase publicity and maintain another stage in the spotlight for their family? I don’t know, I hope, for her sake, that a relationship issue surfaced and it turned out to be a deal breaker. Whatever it is, they’re right back in the limelight.

  5. I honestly, have no idea what to take of all of this. Having gone through a divorce, I don’t know why anyone in their right mind would willingly put them-self through it as a pre-planned event. But, from what it sounds like (yes I live under a rock and try my best to avoid hearing about celebrity drama) Kim likes to do things that are distasteful in my opinion just to make some money. Some people are just money and attention driven, which she appears to be, so, after deducing that, I can see how this could entirely be a PR stunt. If that’s how she wants to run her, life…okay…I don’t have to watch it, it’s too bad though. If this were a bad marriage, 72 days is not long at all, she probably should have thought things through better. Hopefully, she learned.


  6. Sorry for some reason it didnt allow me to log in to respond on emus computer through word press so i had to through fb!

    @solve10 i agree they are tasteless and unethical but when it all boils down publicity is publicity whether good or bad and we all chime in to negative news. With TMZ, E!, Peoples magazine its always the negative side of media that keeps us interested and listening and following these celebrities. Even if it’s not for the money directly through the wedding it can come other ways. Most recently i was shopping and what did i run into? A line of handbags by the Kardashians! PR stunts like these lead to clothing lines, fragrance lines, shoe endorsements, reality shows a so forth!

    @Dwilliams. I agree Kris is the HBIC of the Kardashian business and her tactics are keeping them in the lime light. I wonder what she’s going to do for her two youngest daughters? Will they be next?

  7. @Dayna learning to the Kardashians is simple: publicity in general = money! She learns from her mistakes the easy way! I wonder if Khloe’s marriage to NBA player Lamar Odom is a business publicity stunt. After all she did only get married after 2 months of dating!

  8. I’m kind of torn on this. These ARE the Kardashians. I really don’t watch their shows for my own personal bias (yes, I am not a fan), but I do respect their business savvy and their hustle. Kris Jenner is really the mastermind behind it all. I never heard of teh Kardashians (not even their late father), until the infamous sex tape came out. And you have to think, this came out AFTER the death of their father, and after Jenner married another guy. Could their lives after this fact just been one huge publicity stunt from the go?

    I think of all of them when I ask the previous question; Kim is the one that gets the most negative criticism because she is the face of the Kardashian clan. My mother would have NEVER been okay with a sex tape of me coming out, but then again, Kris Jenner and my mother have nothing in common. It’s almost like she stuffs all her children on a platter and feeds them to the public for a huge profit. And she gets the major bucks because people are so wrapped up in the looks, drama, and glamour of it all. So really, is this a PR tactic or a plan of Jenner herself?

    On a personal level, this isn’t Kim’s first marriage, and this isnt her first failed relaitonship in the public eye. Regardless of the seemingly tactless ideas and actions that lacked moral value, Kim is still a person whose just made some bad choices that affected her reputation. She has a heart, and has been sincere one too many times on the fact that she really wants someone to love her on their show. I personally thought that her soon-to-be (if not already ex) was a little too soon after the heartbreak of her and Bush breaking up, but because of the type of person I am, I really didn’t think that this was a publicity stunt; rather, Kris Jenner saw how profit could be made out of the situation and made it sweeter for herself and her family. There are many people that marry too soon, and get attached to the wrong person. Kim is just like many other women- we decide that we’re too old to be single, and settle down quickly. Her two sisters are both settled (one’s seemingly happily married), she’s not getting any younger, etc. Just because this is a power-hungry, money-making family, does this mean that they don’t have hearts and want things that pretty much everyone wants?


  9. I think it is safe to say this is probably a publicity stunt. Granted, there are other celebrities who have had shorter marriages. There is a good chance she just rushed into the marriage for ratings and because she was pressured. Tabloids were always talking about when will she be married and have babies. It’s so ridiculous, but I guess it comes with the territory.

    I believe they make the most money off of their shows, so I’m sure airing her wedding was most defiantly a way to make a bunch of money. They knew ratings would go up because they did for the other sister Kloe, when she was married on the show. I think this is a publicity stunt all the way. Is it to the magnitude that everyone is making it out to be? Probably not, I think it was mixture of publicity and a desire to be married.

    Taylor Maguire

  10. There’s a picture on Facebook that’s going around with a picture of Kim and her sisters at the wedding that says something along the lines of, “Kim Kardashian’s 72 day marriage began with making a $18 million profit, and people are worried about gay marriage ruining the sanctity of marriage?” I found that pretty funny, especially since Kim tried to say “I’m sooo sad that people don’t believe it was for love!” I can’t really sympathize with her. In fact, I have no idea why people watch the show! They are just random rich people, I don’t get it….and a lot of people credit it to their looks, but there are celebrities that are just as attractive if not more so that don’t get a following like this.

    The hashtag #ThingsLongerThanKimsMarriage cracks me up. That is too funny. I think her defense of her marriage wasn’t very strong. But I guess it was the best she could do – somehow, even if it was for publicity, I don’t think fans of the Kardashians really expect them to be down-to–earth and true. They’d keep watching anyway!


  11. I guess I am breaking a lot of rules in this class. First I was against Twitter but I had to start using it for this class and now THE KARDASHIANs! OMG, I really can’t believe I am talking about the Kardashians! At least using Twitter made me know a lot about communication tools in the new era of SM but who are those people again? Rich people that make a TV show. So they were not nominated for Oscars or the Nobel Prize or anything like that 🙂

    Ok, this is probably will be my shortest blog ever. I don’t think anybody can tell if it was a PR stunt or just another foolish act from a rich celebrity. I wouldn’t doubt both.

  12. This reminds me of the movie we are watching in class. It could be a PR stunt, but who knows. I mean, is there a chance that she realized it was a mistake after only 72 days? Unlikely, but possible.

  13. I am with Midu on the point he made about breaking all his personal rules. I cannot believe that I am getting ready to give the Kardashian brand any thought while writing this post. So, forgive me, as I’m trying to be a good sport. The Kardashians have great PR folks working for them. The reality that showcases their entire lives and the wedding. Kim says she wouldn’t have gone through all that just for a tv show. I find that hard to believe because she has done everything else for their television show. I must stress again how good their PR folks are. Kim Kardashian is the same game who garnered national attention and acclaim for being on a sextape with Ray J and was able to beat that fire storm. So this wedding hoax fiasco among other scandals will pass with the time. Unfortunately and to my dismay, this Kim Kardashian still has a few minutes left in the lime light.


  14. If you keep up with Kim Kardashian as much as I do (no im not a stalker) LOL, you would KNOW that this was certainly a publicity stunt. Hello!!! Watching the wedding series from beginning to end, you can tell that Humphries was just a part of the plan for $$$$ Cha-Ching! They were never in love in the first place. I mean the guy came out of nowhere, and Kim’s family didn’t even know this guy from adam and eve. That was until, he “proposed” to Kim and proclaimed to be in love with her when in reality, that was not the case. E! made millions off of views, cut a check for Kim and her bossy mother Kris, adding to the millions of dollars they already racked up in scandals such as fake marriages, sex tapes, and Kim’s fake behind. However, I’m still wondering how far will the Kardashian family go?! Wealthy enough, Kim needs to be trying to settle down in real life before life passes her by and she ends up just rich and lonely with no kids. I feel sorry for the poor girl. Maybe Humphries is better off without this greedy superstar after all!

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