All PRESS:-( and no PLAY:-) ??

The Obama Administration:

“All Press and No Play”

After four years of battling the evil forces of economy, foreign policy, poverty, healthcare, and even worse the painful press, I think its safe to say that the Obama Administration has played a great game.

The “change” campaign that has had its bumper sticker on a majority of cars and trademark stiched on the hats and helms of middle class workers, has proved to be quite affective. Your favorite or not, the new age angle that the Obama administration took to relay their messages will stick with me for ever.

Whether you use Twitter, Uber Twitter, Hoot-Suite, Twit-bird, or Twit-WHATEVERYOU wanna call it at the end of the day you have access to real time facts, crisis, events, and most importantly to politics… public opinion!

Realizing that “social sites” would be the key in helping this generation discover and create a new voice for America was the greatest idea that the O.A press secretary has come up with yet. Check out Obama’s new campaign Tweet for Jobs”

“Think Public Relations” noted that

“Approximately 25.6 percent of the worlds population has internet access, and that proportion grew about 38% between 2000 and 2009. 96 percent of urban youth access the internet and that Hispanics represent the fastest-growing demographic group online today.” (Think, 265)

Everyone’s opinion count, no matter how much money you have” was the message, and this smartly etched campaign pitched through various forms of media helped resolve hard hitting issues such as “Gay rights”.On December 25,2010 The “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” legislation was signed. “The War in Iraq, and the war on obesity where all fulfilled through great press tactics. The “Hunger Free Kids Act that was passed in 2010 with the help of a fund drive campaign promoted through pages such as Facebook. ‘Like It” or “LUV it” this was a great strategy! Great ideas such as these have help revolutionized the way politics use press.
With help from his press team , Obama has created an image of Celebrity that no one; republican, democratic or just plain undecided can ignore. Thanks to the new wave of technology every message is just as affective as the next. This President realizes that 50% of the population is under 30 and that this generation is the generation of technology, and social site paradise.
In my opinion he creates a different tone for every audience, and its always personable making you feel involved and accounted for. The proof of this tactic is in my emails, and my twitter retweets-Take a Look!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For years this billion dollar press corporation has been boasted for its on point press tactics. I personally respect him because he took a strategy that no other president had the guts to do. They neglected to use all of their resources, and most importantly they failed to connect with the silent majority.

From all of this well structured press comes the hard part OPPOSITION :-(. In this video clip the man of the night is the last person you would expect throwing rocks! In this situation the O.A attempts to use its youthful communication strategy to maintain its positive image, but what happens when the playing field isn’t the Internet? Watch and see, but also answer this question: Is the new generation communication becoming more acceptable in even the most conservative battle fields? Do you think this atmosphere was appropriate for this message?

I THINK this new aged angle was very affective. Call it what you want, but that there my dear was the sweetest revenge. I can imagine all of the presidents that would have patted him on the back for finally standing up to bad press.

Our book went on to mention that Public Relations

“Includes research, analysis, policy information, programming, communication, and feedback from numerous publics. Its pratictioners operate on two distinct levels *as advisers to their clients or to an organizations top management and as technicians who produce and disseminate messages in multiple media channels.”

Through research, communication and feedback his press admin has held a great campaign, and in the process gained celebrity by connecting with its core audiences. I find him devoted to America, and it’s interesting to me how he can turn a plate of politics into a bowl of tweets- How fun is that? When you can reach out, and relate to us(America) we will love you, and laugh with you even more! With press and a little bit of play you can rule the world.

Ashley Coleman


25 thoughts on “All PRESS:-( and no PLAY:-) ??

  1. I think Obama has done a great job “thinking outside the box” to show that he differs from other presidents in a good way. He takes risks, not too risky, but it gets the job done! using social media is very smart, especially now!


  2. I don’t follow politics and such nearly as well as anyone ought to, so whatever I’m thinking probably isn’t that well-versed, but. Can’t really deny the impact of his social media/Internet branches of the campaign. His approval ratings were definitely highest in the afterglow of that campaign, riding on all those high hopes and promises. It doesn’t last, though, which has been pretty typical of the passage of presidential time for both parties from what I’ve read and heard about.
    Still. There wasn’t much change in the amount of youth votes (which a lot of the Twitter and social media angles were trying to get at), only seeing an increase of
    two percent since the last election. Youth vote has always been the hardest to engage, though. But he had such a strong presence in youth volunteers, which kind of confuses me (I was reading Renegade, Wolffe’s coverage of the Obama campaign, and it talked so much about youth involvement and all this stuff…never finished it, though, so maybe something changed I don’t know about!).
    The past election campaign definitely set precedents as to how candidates will reach out to voters and constituents in the future, for sure, but I don’t know if all the PR throughout this administration has been completely successful. Consider how many times Obama has to appeal to get his job legislation passed. Healthcare, too.
    Can’t deny that communication savvy, though. I think he’s been taking the right steps with the tools available. PR and policy is a two-way street; he and his team has done its share. It’s up to the receivers (the public, other legislators) to react and make it all come full circle.

  3. Ashley this was a great read, I remember when this speech made news. To answer your question about whether or not the POTUS speech was appropriate for the atmosphere at the White House Correspondents Dinner I would say yes. Normally at those dinners they have a comedian serve as EMCEE so its a night filled with laughter. I think at the dinner Seth Myers from SNL was the EMCEE. The video was hilarious and I enjoyed every minute of it. As far as PR goes, social was definitely critical to his campaign back in ’08 in will be in 2012. As I read I got the revelation that facebook, youtube and twitter are all free. In fact youtube will pay you if you rake in enough hits. This explains why the POTUS was able to raise so much money in his ’08 campaign. He used free sites to get his message out. Virtually reducing a lot of costs it would’ve been to buy time on the radio, tv and other media outlets. He was able to use that money for other things while still virtually campaigning for free on twitter, youtube and facebook It was genius now that I think about it. The first President to do that I believe. His PR pros are amazing. Will they be to duplicate the results they had in ’08. We will just have to wait and see.


  4. Thank you so kindly for those statistic on the youth vote tie-in. A big percentage of this blog points out how affective each mode of communication can be. As the years role by radio, and newspaper use continues to fall to the way side. TV’s are pretty popular but when you compare them side by side to your desktop things began to change.
    @Laura your link bulleted that:
    *Initial mobilization produces repeat voters. If an individual has been motivated to get to the polls once, they are more likely to return. So, getting young people to vote early could be key to raising a new generation of voters.
    *Leaving young voters off contact lists is a costly mistake. Some campaigns still bypass young voters, but research shows they respond cost-effectively when contacted.”

    -This is true!
    Through the “change” campaign young voters where contacted through *door-to-door *event-to-event experiences. I really can’t remember the last presidential campaign that contacted the youth.
    That press secretary thought smart… What motivates the youth? Where do we live our lives? -Online ..DUH!! lol Perfect way to send a message – my opinion.
    N e who–I can’t wait to see what other tactics the new candidates come up with this year.
    -Ashley Coleman

  5. I neglected to mention those few objectives Orlando, so i thank you for adding that! I also didn’t know that Seth Myers was the comedian, and that this dinner would involve a little bit of comic relief any way. That changes everything, thanks for the lead!
    Through all of those free forms of media, and all of that blogging and tweeting he built a big market of supporters. I don’t know about you, but I’m taking NOTES!

  6. Thanks Dee! That video was very entertaining and interesting-I had to squeeze that in.
    With all of the social sites that he already takes advantage of I wonder how he’s gonna fine tune tumblr to deliver his messages from there.

  7. I believe Obama has done a great job of not making things worse and providing a great attempt at making things better whie trying to assure the public he’s trying, through his presidency he was thrown through more obsticles then I believe more people could recognize, note the amount of gray hair on his before-after pictures. he’s trying and the stress level certainly does show, so for him to make a joke about trump kind of makes me happy to see that at least he can find some humor in this full thing. Twitter has done a wonderfull job at aiding him through this full process, allowing him to keep in touch with many people he displays how opinions always matter to him which is great for te public eye

  8. You know what? ..I don’t know what I thought i was getting into when i did this blog like this. With a little bit of politics it gets messy every time.
    –I like the last message about the Obama VS. Trump situation. The humor in this situation came from left field but I felt as if it tied into his whole youthful campaign.

  9. I have always been amazed at how President Obama handles the public, and what he says in his speeches. He is a good speaker most definitely. And that means he has really good people working with him. I also like how he has been trying to reach out to younger generations with Tweet for Jobs. The First Lady also reaches out to younger generations by promoting healthy eating. I agree with what was said in an earlier comment about this being the first time they remember a president speaking directly to younger people.

  10. I can’t even lie here, I did not know that Obama was sending info out through social media, like you said. But, I also, didn’t have a facebook, twitter, or wordpress account until this class to know. I do think that it is a great way for politicians to reach out to anyone and everyone because so many people are a part of social media and are more likely to check that regularly than to read a newspaper. However, I want to point out, that I”m not saying you should form an opinion based on one resource, and particularly one that would show some bias. But, it is still an interesting and new approach to campaigning for yourself and one that will likely just increase over time.


  11. This was a very great read, I forgot to mention, made me think a lot, imagine of George Washington had a twitter, if something as important as twitter would have been a key feature to presidency before, then perhaps the full idea of being president would have been changed by this point in time, but I’m only stating a what-if idea, this made me think about way more then Obama and his campaign

  12. Dayna i can’t believe you never knew…But even worse YOU DONT HAVE A TWITTER OR FACEBOOK ;-///// LOL.
    But i deff agree with your last statement about this approach increasing over time.

  13. I think Obama’s PR team did a great job utilizing social media for the president’s benefit. It was with no doubt a success for Obama and will for sure be a powerful tool for many politicians to come. Regarding your question, I think the atmosphere was perfect for the message. I don’t think it’s wrong to implement some fun atmosphere in such venues. He is a great speaker for sure with an excellent PR team behind him.

    Using all those new social media, reaching out to youth, the “change” slogan; all powerful and smart, and I believe he deserved the presidency because he worked very hard to get it!! I just wish it was for real and things really changed, but unfortunately things are getting worse, and nothing has changed.

  14. Ashley,

    What an excellent blog! I enjoy your writing style, as well as, your subject matter. I defiantly agree with you. Whether you are a republican or democrat, Obama’s administration is affective. It’s catchy and reaches out to many audiences. I loved that video.

    Using humor is also affective and it confronts issues head-on. I like it! More people should use this method, as long as it’s not over done. It’s been a long time coming for him to confront these issues, and to address how silly they actually are. Bringing up what he has done for our country and his future plans is what’s really important here.

    Obama’s PR people have great ideas and they know how to use them affectively. Using social media is an interesting and new tactic for politicians, which is great because a lot of younger people are not as involved as they should be.


  15. You really pointed out some good points in this article. I agree the OA has done as excellent job of building and maintaining a celebrity like image. They balanced his presidential duties with positive social skills. This was a very proactive and clever thing to do. Like you said previous presidents failed to connect with those people that “remain silent.” Obama really tapped into that other demographic of voters. People like us who may not follow the news like older people might. Our generation is equally important but is often looked over because we’re difficult to relate to. I really enjoyed all that you said and completely agree.

  16. Ashley,
    I loved this! You are right; he did what no president before him has done, but at the same time, SM hasn’t really been as big since he was in office (or is that just me that thinks that way?) He did what any smart person would do, use the resources he needed to get the youth vote. We will vote when we see someone reaching out to us on a more personal basis, and that is what President Obama has done. With everything in his campaign, he lived the words “change” in how he went about with his campaign, and even now. Even though it slightly gets irriating to see all those emails about different things coming from his administration, it is at the same time comforting to know that he still tries to hear the public. In my opinion, he is one of the most accessible Presidents we have had (at least since I’ve been around :)) . Great points, great topic!!

  17. Obama has only worked with what he could, and I believe this presidency he’s had more access to the public then anyone has had during the past, he connected to a generation never spoken to before, the 18 and younger crowd views Obama as the man. He’s changed the mind of kids and the new skills of presidental PR is a working thing, and I expect for ever president after Obama to follow these traditions, seeing the success of it

  18. Ashley,
    Now that Obama has taken the first step in incorporating social media to politics, I’m sure he’ll have some followers. This was a great read because it shows just how smart our President and his team really is. The video was histerical and his speech was nothing like the norm. Expect the unexpected with our President and we appreciate his hard work, dedication to America and his time for creating history and change. Now we just have to get out and vote again, for President Obama! That way we can see what is more to come from him, and ways in which he relates to his audiences and continues to change the WORLD. I’m impressed! PR and social media continues to expand, politicals, and so is change in America. I also agree with Jaleesa when she said that SM wasn’t yet popular for usage, but even if it had been, do you think former President’s elected would have had enough guts to do such a thing? After all, many of them couldn’t even do the things they were supposed to do. LOL

  19. I completely agree with your article, he did a great job! He reached out to many people and shows he cares. He showed he is doing his best to try and better our country and did so in a effective way. He did it tradtional with meetings and his speeches. But went outside the box when using Social Media. Its kind of weird to think that Obama is your FaceBook friend and that you can follow him on Twitter. The voting age is 18 and I’m sure its hard to watch all the campains with Social Media you can stay updated and they can stay connected with their younger audiences that may not always be watching the news.
    -Rhonda Farah

  20. Even with all the press Obama him self was the center of attention not only in the media but in the communities as well. I couldn’t count how many Obama shirts, bumper stickers, hats, socks, wallets, pictures and other material things I saw during his campaign. His charismatic approach is what really what got our attention and maybe even some of our votes. Pure PR tactic! Give the people what they want and sooth them just as a mother would her crying child. I agree he has played a great game with all of the odds he was going against and did a great job of being the team player!

  21. I think Obama did a great thing by utilizing social media to reach the younger set. The PR in this case went wonderfully – he learned how to make his constituents feel more connected to him, and have a seemingly more personal relationship. I think it’s cool that he signs his own tweets! Great blog, thanks for all the links and the slideshow was interesting. (:


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